About Apexcel

Our story

30 years ago, a young mom decided to dedicate her life’s passion of inventing the best quality carriage for her children. As baby strollers are the first form of transportation to a newborn, it is a delicate creation with lots of love and precision. Fast tracking to today, the then young mom is now the founder of Apexcel and we are not stopping here.

our vision

Communicating with our clients on an intensive basis is what we do best. Through the technology we have today, we understand exactly what our clients strive for and deliver fully. From the idea stage, we clearly map out these thoughts into drawings and carefully tweak the design with the help of prototypes into physical form factors that we can engage and analyze. The molding process would then be discussed and transparently displayed; we strongly encourage all our clients to be as involved throughout the R&D stage as much as possible.

Finalizing the molds, we process ourselves into the testing phase, adjusting the fine tuning of the molds until perfection and at the same time, plan our production line based on the specific product. From fabrication to metal shop work, we meticulously draw out the most efficient way to maximize the production flow and minimize the quality issues.

Through our expertise and innovation, we deliver the best service and product and your satisfaction is what we crave for. Our entire team will give every ounce of our strength and effort in completing our task and leave a happy smile on your face when you receive the goods.

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